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3 menu hacks to boost appetizer sales

2/7/2018 5:25:12 PM



Operators have a chance to grab diners’ attention—and their appetites—from the moment the menu is in their hands by featuring a galvanizing appetizer selection with options that consumers crave. Restaurants that consider starters as an afterthought could be missing out on an opportunity to earn additional revenue, due to the high profit margin potential and increased check averages these menu items offer.

Infographic: What do Consumers Want? Delivery

1/26/2018 3:49:51 PM


Author: Sarah Azeemuddin

McCain® Spark Training

1/25/2018 7:14:59 PM

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5 ways to boost your off-premise game

12/20/2017 2:41:52 PM


Author: admin

Food delivery and takeout are not new concepts for restaurants, but consumers’ growing demand for convenience—and their continued reliance on technology—means that off-premise options are now critical for foodservice operators who want to compete for a bigger share of wallet.

3 ways to tempt diners with indulgent comfort foods

12/4/2017 4:06:00 PM


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Winter’s here, and with it comes consumers’ desire to treat themselves to indulgent dishes. Diners associate the holiday season with indulgent foods, according to Mintel’s Seasonal Dining Trends study, and for operators, that leaves the opportunity to capitalize on menuing signature dishes that incorporate comfort food favorites, premium add-ons and seasonal flavors.

Culinary Mashup Trend

11/21/2017 8:03:07 PM


Author: admin

Consumers are bored by a market of sameness. Find out how the culinary mashup trend can set your appetizer menu apart with novel fusions of flavors and forms.

3 ways to boost holiday business

11/16/2017 5:49:43 PM


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4 ways to capitalize on sports season snacking

9/26/2017 2:19:21 PM


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