When you have great fries or sides, guests will order them. In fact, 47% of QSR consumers say they are motivated to order fries when they go to a restaurant that is known for great fries.*

McCain® has a selection of fries with the features you and your guests value most, like crispy batters, flavorful seasonings, longer hold times, and fresh-style cuts. Estimate the potential revenue you can earn from menuing premium fries and sides by entering your operation's information below. Then, find the premium fry that works best for you.

*McCain Proprietary Fry Study 2015.

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Enter the number or restaurant units you have and would like to include in this calculation. An example number has been provided.

Number of Locations

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Enter the average number of patron visits for each location per day excluding breakfast traffic. An example number has been provided.

Number of Lunch & Dinner Guests per Day

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Enter the percent of your lunch and dinner orders that include fries or sides. An example percentage has been provided.

% of Guests That Order Fries/Sides

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Enter the percentage of orders you could entice to add a premium side/fry. An example percentage has been provided.

What percentage of your total orders could you expect to add a more premium fry/side?

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Results ?

The numbers reflected below represent esimated earning potential based on the figures you provided.

Current Total Fries/Sides Sold per Day

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Incremental Premium Fries/Sides Added per Day

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Total Incremental Annual Profit Potential

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