You can see it on guests’ faces—when what you serve makes a memory.

Made with carefully selected potatoes, onions, jalapeños, mushrooms and more, crispy, flavorful Brew City® appetizers make meals unforgettably delicious. Not to mention, with our expert culinary support tools they’ll bring in more guests and more profits all day long.

Bacon-Glazed Fries

Make It Flavorful

Our professional chefs have worked hard to craft dishes that are unique and easy to execute.

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Beer-Jacked Reuben Sliders

Make It Memorable

How you name your products and dishes can help guests remember them for years to come.

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Jalapeño Bottle Cap Beer-Cheese Fondue

Make It Profitable

Brew City products are extremely versatile. See how they work across your menu to maximize the profit potential of every product you carry.

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