Invitations are a must.

Guests appreciate the attentiveness when your servers invite them to try Poppers®. The personal attention makes them more likely to order a starter, driving today’s check average and making guests more likely to return.1 That’s why Anchor® is committed to giving you the tools you need to sell more starters. Download our Pop the Question Server Training Guide to get started today.

Anchor Poppers Sample

Have servers taste everything on your menu, including starters. This makes them sincere sellers—something your customers will notice.

Anchor Poppers Practice

When training waiters, role play different selling scenarios to get servers familiar with common objections and hidden opportunities.

Anchor Poppers Cue

Use items like table tents, coasters and buttons to get mouths watering and to prompt your servers to start a starter conversation.

Anchor Poppers Reward

Create a server contest and recognize top sellers with prizes like gift cards, movie tickets, or even a day off! A server tracking poster is available by calling 1.800.POPPERS.

1 Suggestive Selling ‹ The Key to Increasing Revenue, Profit and Customer Satisfaction, Mercantile Systems 2011

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