The natural sweet potato flavor guests love helps deliver on the variety and healthier options they demand. Plus, orders with sweet potatoes earn you more profit each visit.1 By using exceptionally crispy and flavorful Harvest Splendor Fries all over the menu, you can bring satisfaction and profit to a whole new level.

Number 1

Sweet Flavor

By providing a new twist on their favorite entrées or a tasty addition to appetizers, Harvest Splendor Sweet Potatoes can satisfy guests’ desire for new and interesting flavors on any part of the menu.

Number 2

Sweet Opportunity

Wake up guests’ appetites and attract fast-growing breakfast traffic2 with exceptional A.M. builds featuring Harvest Splendor Sweet Potatoes.

Number 3

Sweet Profits

Use the enticing combination of Harvest Splendor Sweet Potatoes and a signature dipping sauce to get guests trading up their sides for serious profits.

How do you encourage guests to make the leap from same old to sweet? Kick ketchup to the curb. When they
see your sweet potato fries come with a signature sauce, you’ll tip their curiosity into action.

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Watch the Harvest Splendor video to see why
when it comes to crunch and flavor, batter matters.

11NPD Crest year ending April, 2015
2Breakfast Restaurant Trends—U.S., January 2015

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